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by Eugene Yuss


I went to a gas station one day and, for some reason, I had the feeling to buy a scratch ticket. I handed the elderly clerk, nice woman, a ten dollar bill and told her with confidence that I’ll be back.

Sure enough, I scratched the ticket, returned to the store, and won my ten dollar bill back.


I went outside one night and looked at the stars. I found a bright one and was immediately astounded.

“Hello bright star.” I called out to it.

It dimmed, slowly, then swelled to its full brightness. It dimmed again, then swelled to its full brightness before twinkling like a normal star. Hel-lo.


I was hanging out with a friend of mine, talking about the weird occurrences of reality, such as the examples in here. So, eventually, the topic moved to theories on the apocalypse and what the end of the world is. We were leaving to go somewhere and, as I turned the ignition, the radio hummed on with the familiar tune, “it’s the end of the world as we know it! And I feel fine!”

I looked at him with and grin and said, “that’s how it works.”


I was young, 17, and partnered up with a girl named Crystal. She was really pale, like white quartz – I bet her skin would glow if you held her to the light.

We were at her parents’ house, a massive concrete igloo in the country side. Her father was prepared for the greatest of weather or a nuclear attack – if necessary. The exterior of the igloo was surrounded by vines, climbing brush and various gardens of flowers. It was a wonderland in itself manifested by a most joyous creator. We spent a lot of time together there, but this time was different.

Jacob was his name. He visited, as friends to both of us, we got along well. Jacob was a Pagan. I was agnostic. I never had a definitive answer, but I do now and it’s hidden within all of us. No discrimination.

Jacob said he could make the wind blow.

“Really?” I asked, hoping it were true.

“Yeah. It just takes some concentration,” he confirmed. “That bad storm last week? That wasn’t me, that was Sam.” Sam was another Pagan follower. I knew about her, but didn’t know her. You know what I mean.

“Wow,” I agreed. “That’s cool,” I lied in disbelief.

“Can you do it right now?” I challenged.

We went outside onto the front porch. Jacob sat cross-legged on the wood and closed his eyes. A few minutes passed and the wind blew. It was absolutely… normal. There was nothing impressive about it and, needless to say, I was disappointed. I didn’t show it though. When the wind blew, Jacob was modest and said that was all he could do at the time. If he wanted to do more it would have required more “energy.”

I asked about what this “energy” was and he told me it was your aura. The bio-luminescent field that surrounds every object, whether biological or not. He then proceeded to show me how to feel my aura by taking my right hand and making a “finger pistol.” You take the finger pistol and point it at the palm of your other hand. Move the finger gun close to the palm and slowly spiral around it, but don’t touch the skin. The trick is, your skin won’t touch, but you’ll feel the force of the hand spinning in your palm.

The aura trick worked, but I blamed it on the natural phenomenon of static electricity. I was wrong.

The next day I walked down to the store from my house. It was a nice day; warm, partly cloudy, normal – nothing really made it stand out. I purchased my carbonated beverage and was nearing my house when I decided to try it.

I arranged the fingers of my right hand into a gun. I opened the palm of my left and pointed the fingernail barrel at my palm and started turning. I could feel it instantly, the electricity in between.

I flattened my hands out and placed them side by side, like how you would roll a meatball. I started rolling. The low movement hypnotized me and I began staring at my palms, picturing lightning bolts jumping from the arcs in between my hands. The electric charge grew stronger so I started to imagine rolling that into a ball. I could feel the resistance. It wanted to grow.

I started spreading it out, like I was molding the dough for a pizza. My imagination was absolute and focused, there was an electric lightning ball glowing in my hand. The picture in my mind was in my hand and it was growing.

It reached the size of a basketball. That was the breaking point and I said to myself, what the hell do I do with it now?

I tossed it up towards the clouds. It’s gone.

I took a couple steps and started noticing small wet circles landing on the pavement around me. It was raining.

Did I do this?

The rain fell for a minute’s time before ceasing, but it was a minute of absolute frightening confusion.


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