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Life in the Eyes of a Living Ancestor

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by Fred Perry

Life in the eyes of a living ancestor…
Life, sweet beautiful life. Life is so amazing that the littlest things to some seem like an early Christmas gift to me. It caresses my soul, the wonders of this universe and all the other galaxies out there, what’s out there? If only there was a way to know. A way to explore the universe like we explore the streets. I envy Star Wars saga, I would love to see the crazy questions that builds up inside me that I feel like wont be answered. Like who else is out there? We can’t be the only existence out here, if we’re here who’s to say there’s not others in this solar system or in other galaxies out there questioning the same thing. Growing up, loving, exploring, entertaining, doubting, like us. Maybe there is a planet of souls where we all go after passing, a beautiful place mistaken for the clouds in the sky. With no leader or followers, just the thing we’ve been living, learning for all the time here, as if here is a test of the strength of our souls, that what we learn (In LIFE not school) reflects that one day we’ll say goodbye to living and time to die. Maybe dead is another type of living not the opposite, that dead is what we are in the after-world as we are living in this now-world. Where time isn’t a factor because for the rest of solar existence we will roam that planet, the planet known as rest, a long vacation we go to rest forever.


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