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I Realize Now

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by Kyle Vincent

I realize now
What would I be
but nothing more
than entity
trying to find
a moment in time
on which to grasp
to have a pass
into realm materiality

would you rather claim
name to domain
or absolute fame in eternity


Master of a thousand lives holding them as one
inside his mind he dwells in decadent delight
no one an adversary in passing this test
no god to hold glory as any threat
hearts wander and collide in your name
in a space where there are nothings
and forever the pawns will send off their beasts of war
and their emissaries of light
This is not the place for the master
the Master is this place entire
basking in its own design
he is become the hunter
King of the Jungle of Men
Server and Protector to the Beast
and Worshipper of His own Power
his Christ-within ever burning bright


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